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Hier geht es zur deutschen Seite!

Welcome to our Webpage!

It was time to re-create our Homepage a little to show up our latest dolls we acquired;-) Many ladies were sold; some are new friends to the old ones. That way our girls will never be bored and always have the latest stuff they can talk about *LOL*

Who do not already know us: We are Jens (26) and Melanie (25) and we collect Barbie! Once you got caught by these little dolls it is hard to escape them again. They do not really make it easy for the owner. They always want new clothes und new friends with which they can go to the Shopping Spree!

Are you interested what we do? I am studying business to get a boring certified public account and Melanie studies Fashion.

What will you find at our Page? Well, there will be a gallery in which you can see one pic of every little darling we have.

We give book recommendations and we have a FAQ about Barbie collecting.
Are you interested in Lilli? We show several Bild Lilli comics which were printed in the Bild newspaper in the 50'ies. We would love to see an entry in our Guesbook! ;-) Would you like to write to us? Don't hesitate! We will be lucky about every eMail we get.

Jens & Melanie


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